The Sounds of Commoning

The Sounds of Commoning seeks to foster a safe and creative community by:

  • respecting ourselves and all humanity
  • valuing our past, present, and future
  • listening to the messages, signals, and voices inside one another
  • promoting experimentation, discrete discipline integration, joy, kindness, and knowledge

The goal is to show these abstract ideals unfold through choreographed, composed, and improvised sound pieces. These works are actions that generate group painting, cooking, and expression. The intent is that the audience in the space will feel moved, and comfortable to express themselves and join the performative piece.... a collective healing art, so to speak.

The first iterations of The Sounds of Commoning took place at California Institute of the Arts, from January 22 to January 26, 2018.

Movement I, "Shelter" in the form of group painting. After painting  on the floor with musical instruments, we pitched the canvas onto a tent. 

Movement II,  "Sustenance" in the form of group cooking.

Movement III,  “Expression” in the form of pointed sounds, movement and improvised song.

The movement continues to evolve.