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ASMR Wave Cave Interactive Installation

ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is a contemplative contemporary art installation where subtle sounds can be created through movement. Upon entering the space, one will encounter 7 large mermaid ASMR meditation balls. When one smoothes their hand over this fabric, the sequins flip to reveal a complimentary color. The ambient sound playing is the amplified of the sound of the balls being transformed into different patterns by the flipping and smoothing of the sequins seen in the video projections. The ground is covered by soft mats, and the lights from the 3 channel video projections bathe the room in cool shades.  I provide 5 scores as suggested ways to interacted with the balls, though all are welcome to have their own experiences.

The first iteration of the installation will be held at the Wave Cave at California Institute of the Arts from December 3-10. There will be evening performances by movers and musicians Thursday December 5th and Saturday December 7th.

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